Flux Horizon is a trailer manufacturer and metal fabrication shop nestled in the southern corner of Naples, Texas.

Trailer Lines

Autumn Custom

The Autumn Custom was the first trailer built at Flux Horizon.  It boasts a 3x2x3/16 angle frame with 2" square tube top rails and a 4' ramp gate.  It's a 83"x12' single axle trailer with a 2' dovetail.  The trailer was adorned with amber penny lights at an angle on the top rail at the front and rear as a custom application.

LD - Little Darling

Our smallest trailers are light-duty 2x2x1/8 angle frame and top rails perfect for toting a small lawnmower, weedeater, and five-gallon gas cans.  

MD - Mack Daddy

Our medium-duty Mack Daddy trailers are our most popular trailers.  They are built on a 3x2x3/16 angle frame (minimum) and they are built for more serious hauling applications such as commercial lawn equipment and ATVs.  

HD - Hawg Dawg

Our heaviest trailers are built with 3x3x1/4" angle (minimum) or channel iron frames.  These trailers are built for hauling construction equipment and are rated, at a minimum, 14,000lbs GVWR.